Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back to Egypt Part 2

 Part of what kicked off the big interest in all things Egypt, was this marvelous little kit: Lift the Lid on Mummies.

It comes in. a wonderful sarcophagus box with a secret drawer, and it has a wrappable pharoah with removable organs (and little canopic jars to store them in!).  This is either marvelous, creepy, or marvelously creepy.

Choclo at one point walked up to me with a canopic jar and said, "I have a surprise. Look!  It's a liver!!"

To which I replied, "Um, yes!  Don't do that to Grammy."

That may fall into the creepy category.

 Moving right along...

I should give fair warning that the canopic jar bases have to be cut out and taped together.

There is also a cut out 3D cat mummy that is the most complicated paper thing I have ever assembled.

On the plus side, the enclosed book is really excellent, and it integrates the instructions with extra information in a way that Choclo found captivating.

He created a little museum in his room to show off his new treasures, and, when he lost one of the canopic jar lids, we actually bought a whole extra kit so that he could do the project again (although I held the line at doing the cat mummy over).

My advice, however, would be to go through one of the non "Prime" sellers, as that made it a about $5 cheaper.

As always, I wasn't paid to write this, or given the kit (either time!), just sharing the fun.

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