Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At the Beach: Round 2

 Besides all the water and sand play, we've been doing lots of other fun things.

We've been taking a lot of pictures!  Not just the snapshots you've been seeing on the blog, either.

 Mxyl has gotten really into photography, and I've always been really interested.


My brother is a professional photographer, and we have a number of other photographers and artists in our friends and family, so it's great to see it in another generation!

Another of Mxyl's

 We've also been flying kites, something we love, but can't do where we live (too many trees and wires).

And, lest we forget our favorite thing to do at the beach, we tooled around in a surrey!

This was amazing!  We now have SIX serious peddlers!  Gone are the days of the Emperor and I peddling our legs off to try to haul all the kids, the surrey and ourselves.  Now we can ride while the kids peddle!

To all those I know who have a ton of little kids:  YOUR DAY WILL COME!

And it's going to be sweet!


Sue Elvis said...


I've really enjoyed sharing your vacation by reading your posts and looking at your photos. I especially like Mxyl's photos. I've been experimenting with my camera too. The beach is a great place to look for interesting subjects. Though the last time we went to the beach I sat on the sand, huddled under my coat and used the zoom, because it was too cold and windy to walk along the shore looking for things to photograph!

Wendy said...

I can imagine it would be much too chilly right now! :)

I like to read your winter posts when it is very hot here, and your summer vacation posts when it is cold here.