Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy News!

 Guess who's back?

It's Mxyl and Klenda, back from Spain!!

They are incredibly happy and surprisingly tanned!

Sorry to leave Spain, Tia, Tio, and their cousins, but happy to be home with Dad, Mom, and their brothers and sisters!

They brought Choclo and Oob an interesting collection of rocks, shells, and corals from the mountains and beaches of Spain.

They look serious here, but they were just fascinated. They really loved the addition to their collection.

 They brought Zorg a sketchbook from the Prado museum, so that he could keep all his ideas in one place.  Zorg overflows with cool ideas and drawings, but they often get lost on loose sheets of paper.

And they brought Leena these cool shades!

They also brought the Emperor and I a print from the Prado, and a cool book mark/magnifying glass!

So much cool stuff!  So happy to have them back!

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