Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mxyl!

 Happy birthday, Mxyl! 

It's hard to believe that Mxyl is 17!

Why, when we started the blog, he was only 10.

And, of course, the Emperor and I remember when he was
much younger than that!

I think that baby would probably fit in Mxyl's shoe now...

But now he's taller than I am, and he's driving cars.

And going to Spain.

 And developing his own fashion sense and stuff. 

It all goes so fast!
Cupcakes...with bow ties!

17 Great Things About Mxyl

1. He really does have his own fashion sense!
2. He likes figuring out calculus with me.
3. He's a very patient and loving older brother.
4. He's a very adventurous and fun older brother!
4. He helps out without being asked.
5. He's a Life Scout.
6. For his Eagle Project, he's helping fix up a crisis pregnancy center.
7. He can figure out many things on the computer which I can not.
7. He really enjoys art.
8. He can make great bread.
8. He really thinks about other people.
9. He's an angelic altar server.
10. He can do truly amazing computer animation.
11. He loves Gothic archetecture.
11. He has an amazingly professional writing style.
12. He doesn't often build with Legos anymore, but when he does, it's always spectacular!
13. He likes to figure things out.
13. He can run a mile in about 7 minutes!
14. He's quick with jokes and puns: very funny,  never mean.
15. He enjoys learning new stuff about practically anything.
15. He likes to stay up late, chatting with us.
16. He has an amazing eye for photography.
17. He's a very loving son!


Sue Elvis said...

Happy birthday Mxyl!

Wendy, your blog must be packed full of wonderful memories!

Wendy said...

Oh, yes! At the end of each year, I have it printed out in a hardcover book, and the kids love going through them!