Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the Beach: Round 3

Still playing at the beach every day: lots of running in and out of the waves, lots of boogie boarding!

 Of course, there's always time for science: we love to investigate all the little sea creatures we can find.

At low tide, you can see that these rocks and pilings are covered with mussels and barnacles.

And then it was time for some Secret Monkey Clan mini golf!

This year we did Shell We Golf.

It's part of the always fun Sea Shell Shop, and has a nice "Tropical Island/Sea Shell/Volcano/Water" theme.

It's a fun course: not too hard for the younger set, challenging to the casual mini golfer, and full of  kitschy ornaments.

Plus they give you hats!
Unlike many courses, it's immaculately maintained, and beautifully landscaped, so you get the full tropical flavor.

Best of all, they provide quite a bit of shade - pretty essential at the end of July!

 After lunch, we took a trip down to the Fenwick Island light house.  We've been here before, but not in several years.

There were supposed to be regular tours, but we found it locked up, to our disappointment. Last time we had gotten to climb it. 

But it was still neat to look at, and we got to see the boundary stone:

Klenda and Choclo are standing in Delaware, and Mxyl, Oob, and Leena are in Maryland!

And we finished up the trip with a visit to Candy Kitchen, a perennial high light to our beach trips!

That pretty much erased any lingering disappointment!

Secret Monkey Clan Forever!!

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