Friday, July 15, 2016

At the Beach: Friday

 We went to Mass at St. Andrew's on Chincoteague, and were very warmly welcomed by the community there!

It turns out they are the oldest church building on the island, dating back to the 1700s, although the church was originally Baptist, then Methodist.  It's only been Catholic since the 1970s - before they got a building, they had Mass at the movie theater!

What impressed me the most was their loving care of the cemetery.  There are graves from all three denominations, of course, and they've turned the small cemetery into a beautiful and prayerful garden for all God's children buried there.

I forgot to mention this from earlier in the week:  I'm not sure why, but the first time we went to Assateague, I declared that the first person to see the ponies got to sing their My Little Pony song.

Picture from Maryland Tourism- we were never this close.
And every trip we have a new winner (two because we count there and back).  It's been crazy (who did opera?) and amazing (Leena's Dance song from Labyrinth with pony words: Prance, Pony, Prance), and sometimes annoying (my singing the first three words of My Little Pony for five minutes), but it's a thing now, just so you know.

More stuff I forgot to mention:

Fun model kits!

My microscope bulb burned out!  I was able to use my phone flashlight, but it was hard for the younger kids to use the microscope.

They continued to make slides of everything they could find anyway!

Also, for whatever reason, we couldn't find any jellyfish.  This is usually great news, but I had particularly hoped to make a slide of the stinging cells with a methylene blue stain. I may have to go back to the bay.

More kayaking!

Would you believe we found out today that we also had a canoe?

Very fun and holds more people, a definite win!

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