Friday, July 8, 2016

How it All Turned Out Part 1

If I was going to go through all the trouble of moving everything away and back, it sure seemed like a good time to reorganize.

We drew scale plans of rooms and furniture and worked out how we would use each room.

So this is our "new" living room!

We mostly shuffled furniture in the living room and guest room, but the office/store room and home school room got a complete overhaul.  I guess, technically, we don't have a home school room anymore.

 Instead, where our office and store room was, we have a museum and game room!

On the left is the plan, and on the right you can see the museum half of the room.

And here is the game half. 

We like games, can you tell?

Technically there are puzzles and some craft and science kits in there, too.

In the hidden corner, we are storing all our paper good and cleaning supplies in the closet behind the curtain.

Tomorrow: the guest room and new office!

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