Saturday, July 9, 2016

How it All Turned Out Part 2

 The old home school room is our brand new office!

It has space for all three of us to have desks as well as storage for all my books and homeschool supplies.

 My desk is in front of a window, looking out on the neighbor's beautiful beech tree, and flanked by bookcases.

It's so nice to have a (relatively) uncluttered work space in a sunny room!

Leena's desk is the black one, and Klenda's desk is the white one near the closet full of art supplies!

I really like having our work spaces together- lots of creative energy!

Last, but not least, we put the guest room mostly back the way we found it, but we reorganized the sewing and craft storage in the closet.

We also switched out the desk to a larger work table to make projects easier.

Actually, we've been using it as our bedroom because, just as the main floor air conditioning went out when we were moving furniture out, the upstairs AC went out when we were moving furniture back! 

The new heat pump was turned on at 10 pm last night, after about a week of no AC and temperatures in the 90s!  The kids have been camping out in the basement, and the Emperor and I have been staying in the guest room.

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