Sunday, July 10, 2016

At the Beach: Sunday

This year we went to Chincoteague Island, to  a house tucked away in a quiet cove full of pine trees and salt marsh grass.

It's a wonderfully quirky house with lots of room and a nice big kitchen, but it's real claim to fame is in the garage...

Three kayaks (one of them large enough for two)!

And the quiet (shallow!) cove is the best possible place to learn to kayak, particularly since we had an experienced instructor with us: thank you Zorg!

And thank you Boy Scouts, for giving our family skills we would not otherwise have!

 Back at the house we've been relaxing.


Playing games.


And just enjoying each other's company.

Chincoteague's seas are very quiet, but it's just a short drive over to the next island east, Assateague!

Assateague is a barrier island, sort of a long sand bar that has been turned into a wildlife refuge for deer, birds, and the famous ponies.

It has wonderful beaches with great waves to play in!

It's got a much larger shallow section, so that you have several layers of waves, and you can go quite far (50 yards/meters) and still be only up to your waist between waves.

And of course, it has lots of great sand to play in!