Thursday, July 7, 2016

Zoo Trip

 So, what do you do while you are waiting for your floors to harden?

We took our hard working Zoomlians on a mini vacation to the zoo!

We haven't been to a zoo in... well, looking through the archives, 2012!

We only saw the lower part of the zoo since we were taking our time.   Hopefully we'll go back and do the upper part later this summer.

 We saw a real live tarantula in an exhibit.

And a real live (wild) rat snake on the path!

I'm pretty sure this was the animal that left the biggest impression!

 But we did see lots of monkeys, orangutans, and gibbons.  The Emperor juggled for the gibbons, always a fun thing!

And we saw lions, and tigers, and T-rex skulls... I've never been sure why they put the T. rex in the big cat exhibit, but I'm not complaining!
You may have noticed that Zorg was missing- he was at scout camp that week and had a wonderful time- but that's another blog  post!


Sue Elvis said...


It sounds like you had a great day out! I liked looking at your photos.

We like to go to Sydney's Taronga Zoo every year or two. We usually go in the winter, so maybe we're due for another visit very soon. However, we were very disappointed with the zoo last year. Tickets to get in were very expensive. Then once we were inside we didn't see as many animals as we'd hoped. Maybe some of them had been moved to the sister zoo at Dubbo. Or maybe the enclosures weren't set up for viewing. The best part of the zoo was the reptile house. We all enjoyed seeing the snakes. I bet you already know we have a large proportion of the world's most venomous snakes here in Australia!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Sue! I'm so sorry the animals weren't out the last time you went. That's so disappointing, especially when the zoo is expensive.

Our animals pretty much hid and napped after the day got hot. We have more luck on mild winter days when the animals seem more active (sort of like me!).

We also liked the reptile house- especially the snakes! Choclo is a snake fan. Only two local snakes are venomous, and they stay away from populated areas, but we have a few harmless kinds that we see "in the wild". At the zoo they have cobras and adders, so it's fun to go see them close up!