Tuesday, July 12, 2016

At the Beach: Tuesday

Today we climbed the old Assateague lighthouse.

It has about 8 million steps, but my legs didn't actually fall off until I was back on  the ground.

Kidding!  My legs haven't decided whether they will fall off or not.

They're thinking about it.

But the view was amazing!!

It was a beautifully clear day, so you could see all off Assateague, and most of Chincoteague!

My eyes think it was totally worth it!

Besides which, Klenda and I got to sing the sea shanty about the lighthouse keeper and his mermaid wife as we climbed down.

I think, with the echoing tower and Klenda's harmonizing, we sounded rather good!

Then it was back home for lunch, lazing about and more kayaking.

After dinner, it was more beach time!

I almost forgot, we saw what we thought was a whale swimming in the shallow water.

No dorsal fin, so we knew it wasn't a shark, but we kept seeing a large dark shape which would occasionally raise a giant flipper out of the water.

Except it wasn't the giant flipper of a whale, it was the giant edge of a giant ray!

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