Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mxyl!

Can it be true?

Mxyl is 19!

We celebrated at the beach house with cake, presents, and lots of beachy fun!

19 Great Things About Mxyl 

1. He's working on the special effects for his movie, Abydos.
2. He's really good at kayaking.
3. He's a great older brother who doesn't mind taking his little brothers kayaking!
4.  According to those little brothers, "He's amazing!"
4. He's an honor student in all his college classes.
5. He's writer, director, producer, cameraman, and actor in Abydos.
6. He loves the sacraments.
7. He's got a great sense of humor!
7. He's a deadly punster.
8. He looks cool in sunglasses.
9. He never gives spoilers.
10. He's passionate about his projects.
10. He has an amazing ability to learn complex things, 
whether it's calculus or Japanese, or a computer language.
11. He always tries to make things better.
12. He's great with little kids.
13. He always sees things through.
14. He fan subs Japanese movies.
14. He loves to help people.
15. He's great with a katana!
16. He's my in house computer support guy.
17. He's my out of the house errand guy.
17. He knows an astonishing amount about tokusatsu.
18 He has an eye for creating beautiful photographs.
19. He's a very loving son!

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